You be my slice of chaos

I’ll call your bullshit

You tell me to relax

I’ll be your slice of stability


Why is everything against my smile?

The Universe is Against me right now
Some days The world is Against you.
I spilled my coffee
Got a Blister and Rolled my ankle as I walked out the door
I was late before the Alarm went off
my car got towed
Good News
My Hair is Sexy
my lipstick is killer
and these are my favorite Heels
Some Days the Universe is Against me
God Dammit I will show tt who is Boss
Dear Universe, IT’S ME


The world of knowledge
What a privilege that if there is a question it can be answered in seconds
What a privileged to be able to learn on any subject that strikes a fancy
what good is it if you don’t remember your google history
how can we live in a world with knowledge at our fingertips and the lowest IQs in years.